Eureka Foods Kombucha

Rockingham, Vermont

Eureka Foods: cultured content for consumption.

​Today our Kombucha is distributed, and delivered from the Farm, here in Rockingham.  We are happy to deliver boxes of 12 bottles, and 5 gallon Kegs.  This includes north to the Woodstock Vt area, west to Killington, east to Upper Valley of NH, and south to Keene NH, Brattleboro, Putney, Chester, and Grafton. We can also connect elsewhere for special deliveries.

Checkout with Paypal.  Please leave details, flavors/location,etc,  in the contact page.  Brew cycle dependent delivery.  


$5, 22oz bottle +deposit ---------------------------

$4, 22oz bottle - deposit ----------------------------

$60, case of 12 bottles +deposit ------------------

$48, case of 12 bottles - deposit ------------------

$15, 64 oz growler including deposit--------------

Interested in Kegs or a Kegerator? We are happy to set up, and maintain service for your home, office, or workplace.

$675.  2 tap residential/office Kegerator --------

Contact Justin, or 802-885-1481

$105, Keg.  Please include deposit.--------------    

$120, Keg Deposit. ----------------------------------

               On the purchase page, please update quantity to reflect 

          a deposit of $120 per keg ordered.  If you have a Eureka 

          keg to return, only select deposit if increasing kegs. Keg

          will have "Ball Lock" fittings. Deposit will be refunded with keg                                                     return

$170, Single tap keg dispensation  ----------------

         system with filled CO2 tank. Ideal for spare fridge.


We rent tap systems as well, ideal for serving from kegs during an event, plan well in advance to ensure availability!


Contact to arrange details.

​​Save your 22oz bottles for a $1 return credit and 64 oz growles for a $5 credit. 

Consider joining in the Community Supported Culture initiative. A case a month, one a week?  Pre-buy and we will deliver! Proactive sourcing works for all of us.

In person: cash, check, or card swipe via Square reader. Online via paypal.

All Sales are Final